Steam Winter Sales: 7 Worthy Games Under RM30

THE STEAM SALES ARE UPON US! Hide the wallets! Protect the children!

Buuut who’s kidding, every gamer knows that this is THE time to stock up for the coming year. And if you live in Malaysia, with the economy almost next to shits, know that you can still enjoy the Steam Sales without burning a hole in your wallet.


Here are 7 worthy games you can / should grab for under RM30.

(The price limit is set to under RM30 because it was what we payed for a pirated game back in the 90s when a CD would cost RM10-15 and a solid game usually has 2-3 CDs.)

Have also linked the game’s titles to their respective Steam Store page. πŸ˜‰


Inside – RM26.60

From the creators of THE acclaimed indie hit, Limbo. Inside is also rated much higher than its predecessor. Nuff said. Google its reviews & you’ll know it’s a gem. (PC only)


Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition – RM 15.20

Old school gamers unite! Return to the greatness of top down RPG. There’s nothing much else to say. If you’re into meticulous stats driven story heavy RPGs, this is it.


Her Story – RM7.50

Not really a game in the traditional sense, but this obscure investigative / voyeuristic game sets itself apart as something truly unique. You will or will not uncover the truth about a crime by going through the victim’s computer – files/videos/chat history.


Dungeon of the Endless – RM6.75

Roguelike. 2D. Witty lines. Ruthless AI. Amazing level design. One of the hardest freaking games I’ve ever played. If you’re up for a challenge, look no further.


Cities: Skylines – RM14.00

You’ll love this if you loved SimCity. Go Google what the fans have created and you’ll be inspired to give it a go. City building has never looked / felt this good in a long, long time.


Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime – RM15.50

This is the pinnacle of couch multiplayer. Up to 4 players take control of an alien each aboard a spaceship. Together, by controlling individual nodes, you’ll have to fire / shield / manoeuvre / upgrade your spaceship against all odds. Frantic. Simple. Teamwork required. You’ll have one heck of a time.



Civilisation V – RM25.99

Sure, Civ VI just came out, but I can guarantee you that Civ V is still worth every penny for the amount of hours you’ll spend ruling over your dominion. With a couple of years on its belt, Civ V is more balanced and refined than Civ VI will be in the near future.


What’s in your Steam cart / wish list?

Comment below and we’ll have an even better list. πŸ˜€

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