In 2016, I Read The Most Unforgettable Book.

Early in 2016, I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 6.15.50 PM.png

This book would become the most unforgettable story I’ve ever read.

As a geek, this book is beyond godly. In other books, you’ll have dragons and knights. In RPO, you’ll have DeLoreans and Ultraman.

If you have an inkling of love for all things geeky in the 80s, it is a necessity that you read RPO. The story, with good reason, revolves around easter eggs and references to SWars, DC, Indiana Jones, Voltron, Godzilla and a whole lot more.

With a movie directed by Spielberg set to be released in the near future, Ready Player One will be for the Geekdom what LotR and GoT is for Fantasy, Harry Potter for Wizardry, Hunger Games for Young Adult.

Ernest Cline, I thank you again for showing me that a story can truly be about anything.

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