Nintendo Switch: 5 Things to Think About Before Pre-Ordering

So we’re all excited about the Nintendo Switch. Who wouldn’t be? This is the one that has to bring Nintendo back into the ring to punch the Xbox and PS4 out. But is it all good with Nintendo despite having a glorious past? Well, here’s five things to think about before pre-ordering.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  1. Games Games Games

Nintendo hasn’t had a good record bringing in third-party developers for their consoles. Look at the Wii and Wii U. There’s nothing much other than the Nintendo exclusives – Mario, Zelda and the occasional Metroid. So be prepared for long barren spells of gamelessness if this isn’t sorted.

Mario Kart Switch_1.jpg
Gaming on the go with its portable screen.
  1. Housemates or Gaming Gatherings

Most of Nintendo’s best games are multiplayer, specifically, couch multiplayer – Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Splatoon. Nintendo has always been great at making light games that’s great for face-to-face banter, but not competitive ones with online scoreboards and the like.


Nintendo Miss
  1. Nintendo’s Online Services Aren’t Great

Let’s not get started with the Miis. It was weird to begin with and never got going, even in Japan. For the Switch, they’ve introduced a paid online service. Problem is, the free monthly games are timed, meaning it’s only free to play for that given month. Also, you need a phone app to communicate online…

An extra pair of Joy-Con costs RM355. 
  1. Expensive Peripherals

Let’s say you have friends who are ready to rock it with multiplayer, problem is it ain’t gonna be cheap. The console is at a decent RM1330. A pair of Joy-Con is RM355 and an individual Joy-Con is RM222. A Pro Controller is RM311. Finally, the Charging Grip is RM133. That’s almost a total of RM2000++ for ONLY a 2-player couch experience.

The essential Joy-Con Charging Grip is RM133.
  1. Pre-ordering Makes Companies Take You for Granted

By pre-ordering, we are permitting companies to take us, as customers, for idiots.

For example, Switch comes with ‘Sharing’ features. On launch day, it’s only capable of screenshots. Video sharing will be available ‘later in the future’, but is not guaranteed.

Because of pre-ordering, companies do not push themselves hard enough to ensure that their product is ready for launch, instead slacking and using patches or hotfixes to fix unfinished products. So why are we paying for unfinished products?

More examples of pre-ordering sins – Diablo 3. No Man’s Sky. Destiny. Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

The infamous ACreed: Unity bug which was shipped at launch and required a 40GB patch on Day One. @#$%ed up.

So just hold on, wait for reviews, maybe a year, to see how it does.

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