An Equation. 22

Things change.  * Come home; to where we raised crows, to our tomb of punctured hopes. Come home; for all the things that once made us whole, for our hearts have had its woes.  Come home; and we’ll still trade blows, but learn how not to make a show.

An Equation. 19

It’s easier to live in make believe.  * Pardon me, for I was lost in the waters of fantasy; far from the fires of reality. In its ripples and its echoes, I met with goblins and ghouls. Excuse me, for they showed more humanity.

Wonder Woman (Quick) Review: Putting the Heart Back into DC

Heart. Lots of it. Not since the Captain America standalones (and the very first Iron-Man which started it all) has a Superhero movie ooze with so much heart. You can see it in the eyes of its titular character, Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman. You can feel it in the gorgeous world of Themyscira. And you … More Wonder Woman (Quick) Review: Putting the Heart Back into DC