Wonder Woman (Quick) Review: Putting the Heart Back into DC

Heart. Lots of it. Not since the Captain America standalones (and the very first Iron-Man which started it all) has a Superhero movie ooze with so much heart.

You can see it in the eyes of its titular character, Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman. You can feel it in the gorgeous world of Themyscira. And you can definitely hear it in easily the best Superhero movie OST ever. Everyone behind the movie wanted to do it right and it shows.

Yes, Wonder Woman is worth gushing about, and it’s not hard to imagine that this becomes the messiah for the much-tortured DC fans. Just don’t mention the DCEU-styled last fight scene.

Without repeating too much of what’s already been written by other reviews…

Gal Gadot as Diana / Wonder Woman has simply got to be the most perfectly casted Superhero ever since Robert Downey Jr. as Iron-Man. Aside from her slender frame which doesn’t fit the traditional image of the Amazon princess, she is as the movie puts it ‘moulded from clay’ for the role. Gadot exudes the right amount of everything in every scene. She’s exotic in a world she’s yet to understand, while remaining steadfast to her Amazonian beliefs in a very believable way.

Gadot’s Wonder Woman fights for what’s right because it’s the right thing to do, and that’s what the world needs right now—In real life and on screen.

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman from this movie forth.


Director Patty Jenkins deserves all the credits she can get, especially if she had to deal with the DCEU board. Note that she wasn’t onboard the project from day one, so what she’s done is really impressive as we don’t know how bad things were considering the Martha-state of DCEU then.

The early battle scene between the Amazon warriors and German soldiers is as close as we’ll get to a proper remake of Snyder’s 300 Spartans (which is a godly compliment). Balletic. Brutal. Badass. As the story adventures to the world of mankind during WW1 (for good reason), things get grimy in the right way and told with much care. Characters respond appropriately to one other and to what’s happening around them. The main casts, notably Chris Pine, make for an entertaining watch. Their reaction to one another and the humour that comes along feels very natural considering their circumstances. Detailing and art were on point as far as my first viewing could tell. It’s all really well filmed.

Fast forwarding to other points for a ‘short’ review…


Other than GotG, which is on a whole other level, this is by far the best Superhero movie OST. Not just its scoring, its timing. The OST rises and mellows as the film needs it to. Gadot’s heroics are triumphant because of it. Rupert Gregson-Williams is the composer. He is an Amazon champion.

Which brings me to the one glaring flaw… that last battle. For whatever awful reason, DCEU’s idea of bigger boom means better action creeps back at the end, essentially ruining what would have been DC’s crowning glory. It is bad. Lame. A sorry excuse for a fight scene. Unimaginative. Baffling. Like many that DCEU has produced.

Thankfully, the other fight scenes in Wonder Woman that take place before the final one is as rock solid as the rest of the film.

Gal Gadot. Patty Jenkins. Everyone who’s involved to bring Wonder Woman to the big screens. A giant big heart to you. Thank you.

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