Some Thoughts on The Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

To watch Murder on the Orient Express is very much like reading a book; therein lies its beauty and ‘lack of hype’.


The mass audience this day and age lack the appreciation for a story which spectacle isn’t in its audio and visual, but in its character development that is moved along by unseen revelations and non-physical conflict.

Empathy is vital, as it is to read a book. To be able to imagine yourself in another’s position. To be in the heart and mind of characters as they face and overcome trials and tribulations.

Orient Express’ characters rely on the audience’s ability to empathise with them as they empathise with one another. Empathy in #OrientExpress is like the Infinity Stones in Avengers.

Unfortunately, most have forgotten what it is like to read a book, to empathise.

So utmost kudos to the team behind Orient Express for understanding the essence of the book and translating it to film, and not falling for the corporate demands of boom boom pow for this generation.

Fun fact: It was filmed with a budget of +/- 50 million. It’s now raking in more than 300 million worldwide.

Screw you DCEU.

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