Mac Gaming

Two blasphemous words that should never be put together. I know.

Being a PC gamer up till the launch of the 2013 Macbook Air, I know what the presumption is like. Incapable and uncustomisable machines. Lack of game developer support. No friends for multiplayer.

Why did I make the sinful jump?

Well, I was about to take my writing career seriously and needed to discourage myself from gaming wherever I had a screen. Fortunately, the gamer in me held the Hot Gates and never allowed me to live a day without logging in to Steam. It helped too that the indie game scene grew exponentially during those few years. (A PS4 did the heavy lifting if you’re wondering.)

So yea, here’s me saying that Mac Gaming isn’t all bad. There’s actually a buttload of games that kick-ass on the platform. Really!

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